Amendment 5 (“State Courts”) Bad for Floridians

Florida middle school students know why a separation of powers is crucial to a legitimate government, but Amendment 5 apparently doesn’t get it. Now, Florida voters hold that precious balance in their hands on Election Day, which could spell disaster for the future of law-making in our state. Vote NO...
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Florida’s Highest Court is Under Political Attack

Three of Florida’s Supreme Court justices are up for merit retention, but out-of-state lobbyists and extreme political interests are working to oust the judges for political control of our courts. If successful, it would mean MONEY and POWER will influence our courts, rather than impartial understanding of the law....
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Your PIP Insurance Rates Are Going Up!

Florida Republican Governor, Rick Scott, promised to lower auto insurance rates by lowering Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. In fact, it was Scott’s top legislative priorities this year. Instead, rates are rising, a new study shows. Florida auto accidents that involve injuries often involve...
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