There’s More Than Chocolate in My Chocolate

Her M&Ms contained a hard metal object, which she claims injured her mouth, teeth, and gums. As a result of these injuries, the Texas woman sued the manufacturer of M&Ms, Mars, Inc., and Walmart Stores, Inc., the store that distributed these dangerous M&Ms. According to the complaint; she accused them of a breach of the implied warranty of merchantability and strict liability. Read More

Camión-remolque y Lesiones de Accidente de Motocicleta

$1.3 Millónes

Nuestro cliente fue lesionado cuando un camión con remolque chocó con su motocicleta. Fuimos a juicio como co-asesores en el Condado de Orange, Florida y logramos un veredicto favorable para nuestro cliente. Read More

Lesiones de Nacimiento - Negligencia Médica

$1.9 Millón

Acuerdo favorable en un caso de negligencia médica, donde un niño resultó herido debido a la falla del médico en controlar un parto prematuro. Read More

Siluen Perdomo, Pre-Litigation Supervisor

I love how every day is unpredictable. It may be the same task but in a different scenario. The PI world is standard but each case brings something new to the table. I find myself learning something new daily and that is very rewarding. Read More

The staff was so professional, courteous, patient and very informative. D. Garcia, client (10/2014)
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