Tylenol Toxicity #1 Cause of Liver Damage

Acetaminophen toxicity cases are rising fast. Just because you can buy many medicines without a prescription doesn’t mean they’re entirely safe. Over-the-counter drugs can kill you. Liver toxicity from acetaminophen poisoning is by far the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States, according to...
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Florida Motorcycle Accident Update

Motorcycle accidents that I have handled at my firm sometimes involve bikes without anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Controlling a motorcycle while braking is more difficult than stopping a car. Motorcycles typically have separate break controls for both the front and rear wheels. If the rider...
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Defective Tires Back in the News

Sadly, three children were killed this past week in Stuart, Florida when their Ford Explorer had a tire blowout and the driver lost control of the suv. If a defective tire caused this accident, the auto maker and/or the manufacturer of the Read More

When “Lawyers” Seek You Out

Rule #2 - Beware of Strangers. Finding the right accident lawyer is easy if you know where to look. But they should not come looking for you! That’s why I share my background and experience handling injury cases on several respected websites, including Read More

Lack of guardrails on Florida highways a danger to drivers

Car and Truck accidents on Florida highways are sometimes made worse when there is no guardrail separating drivers from roadside canals. Sadly, in Palm Beach County this week, a mother and her two children died in Belle Glade, Florida when they plunged into a canal along SR 80. There was no...
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Do you really need an attorney?  YES!

Rule #1 - Get an Attorney. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people who were hurt in some kind of accident, but they thought they didn’t need an attorney, or they thought they couldn’t afford one. Hiring a lawyer could mean the difference...
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Hi, I Am Attorney Robert Rubenstein

I Am Passionate about consumer safety. Before becoming a personal injury attorney, I represented large companies and corporations. 25 years ago, I decided I was going to stand up for everyday people. Attorneys, such as myself, keep the courtroom doors open for everyone against powerful interests because we...
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