Robert Challenges Florida Bar

Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court. Read More

Florida No-Fault PIP Statute Changed?

We are currently more than half way through the 2013 year and we have all heard many commercials telling us that the Florida No-Fault PIP statute has changed. The new law is long and confusing. This post will identify the major changes of this new law and also expose what rules...
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Amendment 5 (“State Courts”) Bad for Floridians

Florida middle school students know why a separation of powers is crucial to a legitimate government, but Amendment 5 apparently doesn’t get it. Now, Florida voters hold that precious balance in their hands on Election Day, which could spell disaster for the future of law-making in our state. Vote NO...
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Florida’s Highest Court is Under Political Attack

Three of Florida’s Supreme Court justices are up for merit retention, but out-of-state lobbyists and extreme political interests are working to oust the judges for political control of our courts. If successful, it would mean MONEY and POWER will influence our courts, rather than impartial understanding of the law....
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Employment Law Cases on the Rise

Florida wage and hour cases are increasing and expected to continue with the sweeping changes in healthcare reform. Here, at the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, our employment law caseload has gone up as laid-off workers are filing more discrimination and employment-related lawsuits against their former employers....
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Florida Among States With Highest Car Accident Fatalities

Florida drivers face some daunting new statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). A study, out this week, found fatal car accidents are more likely to occur in the southern United States. Orlando and Miami were among cities with high car accident death rates. Perhaps not surprisingly, young drivers...
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Florida Governor Orders Investigation in Deadly Truck Pileup

A 62-acre Florida brush fire is being blamed in the I-75 truck and car pileup that took 10 lives and injured dozens more this weekend, but new information has the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) under fire for its decision to re-open the highway to more traffic after the first crash. FHP...
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Medical Malpractice Rights Eroding

As a Miami Accident Attorney, I know that “accidents” doesn’t just refer to car accidents. Each year, thousands of Florida patients fall victim to “medical accidents” in hospitals and medical offices. What’s more, most of these accidents are preventable. That’s why it saddens me...
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