Accidentes Automovilísticos

Sue* conducía a casa con su hermana, Selena* Un conductor de la entrega de pizza hizo un giro inadecuado hacía la izquierda irente a ella causando una colisión frontal. Sue sufrió lesiones masivas en la cara y la traquea. Read More

Lesiones por Accidente Automovilístico

$5.1 Millón

Nuestro cliente sufrió lesiones en la médula de una colisión trasera. Superamos una defensa de vehículo fantasma y contrarrestar la reclamación que nuestro cliente fue negligente por no ajustar su apoyo para la cabeza. Read More

Airbags should be about saving lives…

When you think of airbags, you think of safety, security, and protection. Now a 'days, advanced frontal airbags use sophisticated sensing devices to provide the right level of protection to drivers and front seat passengers in the event of a crash. Even more so, frontal air bags have saved over 25,000 lives between 1987 and 2008. Sounds pretty reliable, don't you think? Unfortunately, that wasn't the case... Read More

Camión-remolque y Lesiones de Accidente de Motocicleta

$1.3 Millónes

Nuestro cliente fue lesionado cuando un camión con remolque chocó con su motocicleta. Fuimos a juicio como co-asesores en el Condado de Orange, Florida y logramos un veredicto favorable para nuestro cliente. Read More

Accidente Automovilístico con Lesión Dorsal


Nuestro cliente requirió cirugía luego que un accidente automovilístico lo dejó con graves lesiones en la espalda. El jurado le otorgó casi $700,000 sobre la cantidad que el acusado había ofrecido antes del juicio. Read More

Car and Auto Accident

Gilberto* was a hospital maintenance worker, employed by the same facility for almost 20 years. On his way home from work he was rear ended by the defendant. Read More

Accidente de Camión con Lesión Traumática a la Cabeza

$1.8 millones

Un accidente de camión donde nuestro cliente sufrió una lesión en la cabeza cuando su vehículo fue chocado por un camión grande. Read More

Lawsuit Brought Against Porsche by Widow

The lawsuit brought against Porsche by Roger W. Rodas' widow has of course captured a great deal of attention because it involves the death of a celebrity and an ultra-rare, ultra-exotic sports car. But the law involved in automobile defect claims is at its core very simple. Read More

Driving Drowsy Similar to Drunk Driving

Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 crashes a year, resulting in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths. (NHTAS). Despite these high numbers drowsy driving remains underreported and estimates are conservative. Read More

Is Uber to Blame for a Little Girls Death?

Much like baking a cake, any successful lawsuit has necessary ingredients. One of the necessary ingredients is found if the family can answer "yes" to the following question: Is Uber responsible for the negligent actions of its user drivers? Uber, through its business model, answers this question in a loud "no". They claim that Uber is not a transportation provider, it does not employ any of the drivers using the app, and, more to the point, it does not accept liability for their actions. Read More

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