Undocumented Workers Entitled to Overtime Pay

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion this month affirming that undocumented workers are entitled to relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Lamonica, et al. v. Safe Hurricane Shutters, Inc., Case No. 11-15743 (March 6, 2013). The Eleventh Circuit also held that employees who have provided false social security numbers to their employers and had failed to report their earnings to the IRS are still entitled to relief under the FLSA. Read More

Employment Law Cases on the Rise

Florida wage and hour cases are increasing and expected to continue with the sweeping changes in healthcare reform. Here, at the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, our employment law caseload has gone up as laid-off workers are filing more discrimination and employment-related lawsuits against their former employers....
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Wage Earners Get High-tech Help from Dept. of Labor

Florida Wage & Hour Laws are pretty clear-cut and are designed to protect the rights of workers. But, as we’ve learned in recent weeks, companies don’t always treat their employees fairly and within the law. Now, the US Department of...
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New Overtime Pay Lawsuits Filed This Week

Working overtime and not getting paid for it…that is just one of several allegations in a slew of lawsuits being filed around the country by employees of major chain stores. Pep Boys, Wal-Mart, even Monster.com are all the target of federal lawsuits filed by their employees who claim...
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Florida Wage and Hour Update

Florida’s minimum wage just went up 36 cents at the first of this year. It’s now $7.61 per hour. The minimum wage for tipped employees went up by the same increased amount to $4.65 per hour. This is the first wage increase since 2009. Florida’s minimum wage is the result of...
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Florida Wage & Hour - Know Your Rights!

Florida has no state agency that enforces wage and hour laws, so it’s easy to see how some employers can take advantage of workers’ rights when it comes to payday. At the Law Offices of Robert Rubenstein, we fight for employees who may not be getting the right compensation...
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